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Southampton's Foyes Corner Festival



Last held on Sunday May 22nd 2011  11am - 3pm - do you want more?

Niedziela, maja 'Festiwal Foyes Corner' miedzy godzina ,
na zapleczu szkoly St Mark's na ulicy Shirley Road.

We had lots of things to do and lots of fun and sunshine!.

Competitions, Free Family Fun, Information, Inflatables

Music, Displays, Swimming, Local Food, Youth Groups,

All Ages, All Community, All People, 6000 people came last time.

Free Entry, Free Games, ..... It's for all of us, by all of us !

It was in the huge 8-acre ex-sports field behind St Marks School,
off Shirley Road, Freemantle. Southampton. UK

Supported by Friends of The Field, GMB, and volunteers.


and Friends of The Field's campaign to save The Field

 www.communityhub.info     festival@vibert.co.uk   Field Photos

Get Involved!

The Annual Southampton's Foyes Corner Festival is looking for some organisers and helpers. If you are positive thinking and believe in community, then come and meet the team. 

No experience is required. We have lots of roles and you can do any you feel keen to do. Every little helps!

Contact us on cevn@vibert.co.uk or 07909992786

A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to all the helpers and providers and stall holders and activity people and volunteers and everyone in 2008 and 2009. There is no way we could have made it all happen without each and everyone of you. Next festival is going to be bigger and better and more fun and more sunshine and another real local Festival to remember. Join in, contact us and let us know if YOU want to be a part of Southampton's Foyes Corner Festival. Stage an activity or demonstration, run a local stall, play on stage or in the arena areas, help the organisation, volunteer, provide a festival service, ... Let us know .

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Photos and Aerial pictures of The Field           See pictures of previous Festivals on The Field

Festiwal Foyes Corner
Niedziela, 'Festiwal Foyes Corner'  miedzy godzina , na zapleczu szkoly St Mark's na ulicy Shirley Road. Zabawa dla calej rodziny, lacznie z wystawa sztuki wschodnio-europejskiej mieszkancow Southampton. Wszyscy mile widziani! Jezeli chcielibyscie wystawic swoje malarstwo, fotografie itd, skontaktujcie sie ze
Na festiwalu podziwiac bedzie mozna taniec, zespoly muzyczne, mozna bedzie poplywac, bedzie dmuchany zamek do skakania dla dzieci, lokalne potrawy, napoje, namioty informacyjne, DJe z lokalnego radia, harcerze angielscy, burmistrz, malowanie twarzy, tatuaze, pieczenie prosiaka, bebny afrykanskie, loteria fantowa itd WSTEP WOLNY!

2008 and 2009 providers and helpers - We THANK YOU !:)

Allsorts Psychic Café
Community Musician
Community Newspapers
Freemantle Community Centre
Friends of The Field (FOTF)
GMB Trade Union
Hants Fire & Rescue
Health Visitors
Language Work

Magik Earth
National Lottery Funding
No Limits
Paint Pots
Planning Aid
Sardine Design
Shirley Swimming Pool

Solent Youth Action
Solid Options
So'ton Scrapstore
Southampton City Council
Southampton City Scout Association
Southampton UOTC
Southern Coating Contractors
St Mark's School
Sure Start
Tauntons Student's shop
Unity 101
Wooden Tiger
... and many many other local people

The Festival is for you and by you !

www.communityhub.info     festival@vibert.co.uk

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